Classification of Groundwater for Irrigation use at Dhanbad Town Area


In the present study, Doneen’s (1964) Permeability Index method has been used for classifying the groundwater quality in three different classes to understand its irrigation suitability at Dhanbad. For this purpose groundwater quality data were collected from 24 different hand pumps of the Dhanbad town areaand analysed and analysed them for their electrical conductivity (EC), Na+, Ca2+ and Mg2+ concentrations to acquirethe required information.

Keywords: Doneen’s Permeability Index, Irrigation Water Quality, Dhanbad, Groundwater

Article Info:Paper Submitted on:  05/08/19, Paper Accepted on :10/09/19, Reviewed on:  10/12/19 Published on: :08/01/20, DOI Number                                        

Reference: BSC18/  /Manthan Website

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