Article Processing Charge


After Acceptance of the paper, author will be asked for opt either in Subscription based access of the paper or open access of the paper. Following are the rules to be followed .

A. Subscription based Access Papers: NO amount will be charged from Authors who opt for Restricted access of papers while publishing. But in this case Subscription charges will be applicable for whom who wish to download papers or take print out of the papers with following rate

Downloading charges per page: Rs. 150/-. Papers will be sent to email id of subscribers.

Printing charges per page (B/W): Rs.250 /-

Printing charges per page(Color): Rs. 500/-

Monthly Subscription Charges for Institutions: Rs. 500/- per month

(Separate user id will be created for viewing web pages)

B. Open Access Papers: Those who opt for open access papers, will have to pay Rs. 3000/- as paper publishing fee for maximum 4 pages of their paper. Publishing extra papers, (if required) will be charged Rs.1000/- per extra pages.

Note: Bihar Science Conference accepted papers will be kept under subscription based access paper publishing. Those who wish to publish it under option “Open Access Papers” have to pay publishing charges under above mentioned rule.