Role of Information Technology in economic development of Bihar

2015 Vol 14

Role of Information Technology in the Economic Development of Bihar

Priti Kumari,

Ph.D Scholar, Dept. of Economics, LN Mithila University, Darbhanga

ABSTRACT: Economic liberalization policy adopted by India in 1990s to boost international foreign investment, industrial production, and technology competitiveness opened the floodgate of economic development that led the overall growth of India. Many states took advantage of it and ameliorated their policies for the larger perspective of the development of the states. Information technology played important role in policy making and its implementation in the faster rate. It has made governance more responsive and efficient. It has made the management and delivery of government services (such as consumer rights, health services etc) very quick. However in Bihar, these policies were largely adopted by Nitish Govt after 2005. They framed many people centric policies and implemented many schemes using information technology. Their hard work gave fruitful result and Bihar‘s economic development is on the rise. This paper presents detailed analysis of the information technology based various schemes and programs adopted by Bihar Govt.

Keywords: Economic Development Of Bihar ,Role Of Information Technology In Bihar.

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