Rare earth doped Perovskite energy material for Super capacitor


Sweta Sharma, Md Soaib Khan

Department of Physics, Graduate School College for Women, Kolhan University, Jamshedpur Cooperative College, Jamshedpur

Email: sweta.shiven@gmail.com


The application of rare earth elements in progressed vitality capacity field could be a incredible chance to relate rare earth elements with the vitality capacity innovation. There was considerable interest in Pervoskite type oxides because of their low manufacturing cost, low temperature solution process and high energy conversion efficiency. They display alluring physical and chemical characteristics such as electronic conductivity, electrically dynamic structure, and supermagnetic, photocatalytic, thermoelectric, and dielectric properties.The polycrystalline Eu-modified lead zirconate titanate [PEZT; Pb1-xEux (Zr0.60Ti0.40)1-x/4O3] ceramics with (x = 0.00, 0.03 and 0.06) were arranged by strong state response strategy. Structure of the materials has been analyzed through XRDtechnique. Dielectric properties of the materials were explored inside a wide range of temperature at given frequencies. The materials showed high dielectric constants at the ferroelectric-paraelectric stage at the room temperature. In overall, the electrochemical behavior of the PEZT confirms its high potential for energy storage devices. Keywords: PZT; XRD; Dielectric properties;perovskites;Supercapacitor.

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