Effects of radiation on MHD natural Convection flow from a porous vertical plate


Pankaj Kumar Pandey, B.N Upadhyay

Deptt of Mathematics GayaCollege , Gaya M.U Bodh- Gaya (Bihar)

Email: pandeypankaj3320@gmail.com


The present paper is devoted to Investigation on effects of radiation on natural convective flow of a viscous incompressible fluid from an infinite moving porous hot vertical plate. The non dimensional governing ordinary partial differential equations have been solved for velocity u and temperature  by the application of Laplace transform technique. The effects of different parameters M (Hartmann number) Gr (Grashof number)r(Radiation parameter) and Pr (Prandtl number) occuring in the problem have been discussed with the help of tables and graphs. The expressions for shearing stress and heat transfer rate have been derived in this chapter. Keywords : Viscous incompressible fluid, Natural convection, Porous, medium, radiation, MHD and Laplace Transform.

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