Aims & Scope

Manthan publishes a wide diversity of papers and provides a vehicle for publication of novel and challenging subjects in developing areas of research and development. All contributions are peer-reviewed by Editorial board and experts in the respective field with the aim of providing readers with high quality, original material. Articles accepted for publication are made available free access on the world wide web.

The scope is multidisciplinary and the subjects covered include: All aspects of Science and Technology Viz.

  1. Physical Sciences
  2. Chemical Sciences
  3. Plant Sciences
  4. Animal Sciences
  5. Mathematical Sciences
  6. Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
  7. Earth & Environmental Sciences
  8. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  9. Computer Sciences & Information Technology
  10. Health Sciences
  11. Statistics
    Target Audience: Our target audiences are active researchers, academicians, Scientists, young talents, that are interested in maintaining a broad view of their chosen field of activity by reading articles that are current, concise, accurate and interesting.