Visco-Inelastic reiner-rivlin fluid

Flow of a Visco-Inelastic Reiner-Rivlin Fluid Between Two Enclosed Discs in Different Cases of Rotations


Department of Mathematics, Meerut College, Meerut-250001, U.P. (India)

Abstract: The problem of flow of a visco-inelastic Reiner-Rivlin fluid between two enclosed discs has been considered in different cases of rotations. The flow functions  and  are expanded in powers of flow Reynolds number  (assumed small). The effects of cross-viscous parameter  and ratio of angular velocity  have been discussed and shown graphically in cases of outflow and inflow for recirculation and no-recirculation.

Key words :Flow, visco-inelastic Reiner-Rivlin fluid, two enclosed discs, different cases of rotations.













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