Spin Harnesing for Future Electronic

2016 Vol 16

Spin Harnesing for Future Electronic

B. C. Rai1, Sujeet Kumar1, K. P.Yadav2,Monalisa3and A.Yadav4

1PG Centre, Department of Physics

2College of Commerce, Patna, India

3B. Tech (EEE), VVIT, Purnea, India

4Director, VVIT, Purnea, India

ABSTRACT Electronics today completely relies on the charge and its transport, completely ignoring, or ignorant of, the electron spin. Spin of electron provides us an unprecedented chance and new starting point to explore the future of modern semiconductor and information industry. It needs materials as source of   spin polarized carriers or electron spins to form a spin current, coherent transport of the moving electron spin and tunnelling through the interfaces and long spin coherence time of carriers to implement the desirable operations. The mechanisms which break the conservation of a spin current include magnetic impurities scattering, spin-orbit coupling, and nuclear spin and consequentlya spin current cannot be transported for a long distance. Metallic spin- device has made significant progress and spin injection in diluted magnetic semiconductor has been enhanced significantly. Exploiting the subtle quantum property of the electrons to develop a new generation of electronic devices needs the motivation, understanding physical fundamentals, and recent experimental progress which form the essence of this review.