Synthesis of Carbon flakes from Castor Seed Precursor

2017 Vol 17

Synthesis of Carbon flakes from Castor Seed Precursor

Rohit Kumar1, Ajoy Kr. Choudhary2, Maheshwar Sharon1, Madhuri Sharon1

1N Shankaran Nair Research CenterJambhulphata Ambarnath

2Department of Botany and Biotechnology, T.N.B. College,

2T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, India

*Corresponding Authors, Ajoy Kr. Choudhary

ABSTRACT Castor seeds are non-edible oil rich plant product, with many medicinal properties. Carbon micro-flakes being a new type carbon material were synthesized from castor seeds (as precursor) by pyrolysis. During pyrolytic condition, Argon gas was used as carrier gas, and temperature was mentioned at 8000C for an hour. Scanning Electron Microscopic (SEM) images confirmed the morphology of micro sized carbon flakes along with some nano-carbon fragments. RAMAN spectra of carbon-flakes revealed the presence of defects on its surface thus confirming its amorphous nature