Study of Losses in Microstrip Transmission Line

2009 Vol 8

Study of Losses in Microstrip Transmission Line

K. B. Singh

Department of Physics,
Govt. Polytechnic college, Darbhanga

ABSTRACT In this paper, characteristic impedance, Phase
velocity, Attenuation constant and Selectivity, which
are important parameters to be discussed. The
metallic and dielectric loss has been also calculated
for the study of selectivity of microstriplines with
fused quartz as substrate and its variation with strip
width and operating frequency-using computer added
technique. The calculation of selectivity of the
microstripline structure keeping strip width and
permittivity fixed has been carried out for different
frequencies. In the growing edge of computer and
information technology the communication system
has shrinked to a miniaturized size, lightweight and
less expansive. It is due to advent of microwave
integrated circuit, which gave birth to planar
microwave transmission structure. Microstripline
structure appears to be the most convenient and easy
to fabricate. This furnishes very useful information
for designing microstrip line coupler and resonators
of high selectivity

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