Seed Germination Studies in Rauvolfia serpentina

2008 Vol 6

Seed Germination Studies in Rauvolfia serpentina

U.K. Sinha, M.P. Trivedi and Rachna Kumari

Department of Botany
Patna Science College, Patna University,
Patna – 800 005, India


Seed germination studies in Rauvolfia serpentina have
shown seedcoat dormancy. Unscarified seeds do not
germinate at all while scarified seeds exhibit 54%
germination. Attempts of scarification by conc. H2SO4
proved futile. There was reduction in germination at
higher moisture and salt stress created by NaCl and
Na2SO4. In MgSO4, the germination potential was
82.7% at lower concentration as against declining trend
at higher concentrations. Unscarified seeds did not
germinate at any concentration of IAA as against
scarified seeds which showed 95.2% germination at
10ppm and 90.4% at 100ppm. Higher percentage of
germination was also achieved in response to
Gibberellic acid and Cytokinin at moderate and higher

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