River Lnking Projets: Impacts and Consequences

2008 Vol 6

River Lnking Projets: Impacts and Consequences

Aradhana Kumari

University Department of Geography
T. M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur-812007, India


Agriculture which is the mainstay of Bihar economy
suffers from drought and floods. Almost one-sixth of
the total flood-affected areas of the country is in Bihar
engulfing as high as 69 lakh hectares under it grip.
Flood bring widespread damage to life and property,
particularly to the weaker sections of society. In the
presenario, the subject of interlinking of rivers is a
matter of interest which is seen as a measure for
sustainable control over water resources. This paper
will focus on conceptual issues relating to RLP (River
Linking Project) as well it identifies and enumerates
the possible impacts on the nature and extent of some
of these impacts

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