Rejuvenating the Mathematical Morphology in Image Analysis

2011 Vol 12

Rejuvenating the Mathematical Morphology in Image Analysis

Neha Gautam1, Rahul Gaurav2

1Department of Information Technology, Kuvempu University, India,

2Department of Electronics Engineering, Isik University, Turkey

ABSTRACT Mathematical Morphology technique was first proposed in France in sixties for providing a very coherent theoretical framework for image processing and analysis. This theory was receiving very little attention that time but nowadays, is becoming an object of research in many laboratories and international conferences. Recently, this tool has emerged as an important research topic as the image analysis field is expanding rapidly. Eventually, its impact has been evident by the specialist in the area of both spatial information theory and theories involved in digital image processing and analysis and others related to Mathematical Sciences as well.The methodology used in this paper is likely to be useful for strategic analysis based on the mathematical theories of sets and topological notions, its principle lies in studying the morphological properties (shape, size, orientation etc.) of the objects through non-linear transformations associated with a reference object (the structuring element). This paper presents a set theoretical approach and elucidates the basic concepts of the mathematical morphology in a rather general framework as the classical tool of analysis and segmentation of images. We will also identify some future research directions for mathematical morphology.

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