International Year of Astronomy, 2009

2009 Vol 10

International Year of Astronomy, 2009

Rakesh Kumar Singh1

1Department of Physics, Patna Women’s College
Patna University, Patna, India

ABSTRACT This article is a popular presentation of the important points on the life and work of Dr. J. C. Bose, Dr. H. J. Bhabha and aim, objectives, Vision of International Year of Astronomy (IYA). The idea is to inspire the younger generation in Basic Scientific Research field and create a conductive atmosphere of Science education and Research in Society. I observed the significance of scientific spirit, when I visited the Colleges/University Departments/ Institutions as Master Resource Person of International Year of Physics-2005 & International Year of Astronomy-2009, how the scientific discoveries are helpful for mankind. During Total Solar Eclipse on 22 July 2009, the temperature, light intensity, animal /bird behavior was found different as compared to normal other day. The Joint campaign was organized by Vigyan Prasar club member, DST, Govt. of India and Science for Society, Bihar at Patna. India witness the longest solar eclipse (TSE) of this century on 22July 2009. This eclipse was visible from many cities of India including Patna, Allahabad, Varanasi, Darjeeling, Surat, Indore and Dibrugarh. At Patna, we could not see the initial sequence of the eclipse before totality due to sudden rain but could witness the sequence of the eclipse after totality

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