From Editor’s Desk

You are looking at the first issue of magazine of “Manthan” started by BiharBrains Scholastic Center (BBSC), an international forum of educated people of Bihar who live in different parts of the India and abroad (NRIs) and wish to take an active part in the development process of their country of origin. For details you are free to visit our website (

This magazine has been started with the objectives of making a pool of educated people who can readily share their knowledge, want to publish their published/ unpublished, paper/ articles which can be directly benefited to young mass and world scientific or non scientific community and can be applied in day to day life. One part of the magazine is particularly kept for development projects/ people’s voice/ Pressure force for the government inaction. This section is for the report on development projects (recently concluded or in the final stage), open letter to government about their inability or inaction.

In other hand, we kept separate section for our youngsters who can send their articles directly to the Editor on and best three suited article in that period will be published in the forthcoming issue of magazine. In this first issue of Magazine, We have given space for the two articles written by youngsters and selected for prize in the “SciTechfest, 2005” organized by BiharBrains in December, 2005.

In this introductory number, our contributors have presented/shared some of their experiences, ideas or have informed about the development and research in some frontier areas of application of Science & Technology like Stem Cell Research, Quantum Computers, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Robotics, Water Management, and Forestry etc.

We do expect this magazine “Manthan” will be mouthpiece for the upcoming generation of S.T. Manpower, Social scientists/ Activists/ Guardians of Society to share their feelings, long nurtured dreams, vision of developmental alternatives and create synergy for intervention at the grass root level. People stationed far and wide can get connected through this platform with their own skills and chosen areas/ activities and can contribute their bit towards the development in Bihar and India as a whole.

We solicit your reactions/ comments/ suggestions etc. in the mailbox and expect that in coming months this magazine grows into a viable/ versatile platform.

Editorial Board Members

Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chief Editor, Star V-ray Co. Ltd, Daejeon, South Korea
Prof. S. P. Verma, Ex-HOD Physics, Patna Science College, Patna, India
Mr. Amalendu Narayan Sinha, Ex-Editor,Hindustan Times, Patna, India
Dr. B. K. Sharma, Associate Professor, Dept of Electronics, NIT, Patna, India
Dr. Mohammad Abul Farah, Research Scientist, Protoenik. Inc, Seoul, South Korea
Mr. Nandan Kumar, Reasearch Scientist, Textile Engg, Univ of Leeds, UK
Mr. Shabi Hashmi, Research Scientist, Nokia, Cardiff, UK
Mr. Imteyaz Ahmad, Research Engg. L. G. Electroncis, Changwon, South Korea
Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Graphic Design Engineer, Bankok, Thailand