Dr. Santosh Kumar

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Dr. Santosh Kumar


Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, College Of Commerce, Arts & Science, Pataliputra University, Patna

Short Profile Dr. Santosh Kumar is associate professor of Physics at College of Commerce, Arts and Science, Patna which is a constituent unit of Patliputra University and is a NAAC reaccredited grade A institution with CGPA of 3.10/4.0. The Ph.D thesis of Dr Kumar is on electron atom collision but presently his research is focused on Nano-materials, Functional metal oxide and Dilute Magnetic Semiconducting Systems. His fields of interest are atomic and molecular physics, condensed matter physics, numerical analysis, statistical physics, optics, nano-materials and electromagnetics. His research collaboration is with UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore and his collaborator is Dr. RamjanayChaudhary, Scientist F. Dr. Kumar has published papers in highly reputed journals of Elsevier, IOP and other prestigious groups of journals for example Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Modern Physics Letters A, European Physics Journal D, PhysicaScripta, Chinese Physics B. IJEST, etc. Dr. Kumar works for popularization of science and he has been co-instructor with Prof. H.C. Verma, Retd. Professor of Physics, IIT Kanpur in some of the Massive Open Online Course of IIT Kanpur organized from its MOOKIT Platform. He has authored a few books also.
Email skphysics@yahoo.co.in, santoshkumar.coc@gmail.com
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Department of Physics, College of Commerce, Arts and Science, Patna, Opposite Rajendra Nagar Railway Station, Kankarbagh Patna -800020, Bihar, India



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  2. Defect Induced Room Temperature Ferromagnetism and Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity in Ni-doped ZnO synthesized by Electrodeposition, Deepika, Raju Kumar, Ritesh Kumar, Kamdeo Prasad Yadav, PratyushVaibhav, Seema Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Santosh Kumar, 2020 Chinese Phys.B,


  1. Effective Gravitational Mass of Ay’on- Beato and Garcia Metric, A.K. Sinha, G.K. Pandey, A.K Bhaskar, B.C. Rai, A.K. Jha, S Kumar, S.S. Xulu, Modern Physics Letters A, Vol.30 Issue 25, 1550120 (2015)
  2. Double Ionization of Ne5+ and Ne6+ by electron impact electrodeposition, L.K. Jha, M.P.Singh, Santosh Kumar, Eur. Phys. JD. Vol.66 no 5(2012)116