Dr. Maheshkumar H. Kolekar

Name of the editor Dr. Maheshkumar H. Kolekar
Designation Associate Profesor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna
Short Profile Dr. Maheshkumar H. Kolekar is working as Associate Professor in Dept of Electrical Engg at Indian Institute of Technology Patna, India, where he is holding post of Associate Professor. He received the Ph.D. degree in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg from the IIT Kharagpur in 2007. From 2008 to 2009, he was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with the Department of Computer Science, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA where he worked on intelligent video surveillance systems. During May to July 2017, he worked as DAAD fellow in Technical University Berlin where he worked in the research area EEG signal analysis using machine learning and deep learning. He has authored a book titled as “Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems: An Algorithmic Approach”, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, (2018). He served as a Head, Dept of Electrical Engg, IIT Patna in 2013 for one year and Head of the Center (HoC) for Advanced Systems Engineering, IIT Patna during 2014 to 2016 for two years. Since August 2017, he is working as Professor-in-charge, National Knowledge Network of IIT Patna. He has completed R and D project sponsored by Principal Scientific Advisor to Govt of India on abnormal human activity recognition.
Email mahesh@iitp.ac.in
Office / Residential address EE Dept, IIT Patna, Bihta
Mobile 8986184240
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  1. Neelam, M H Kolekar, K Jha, “Iterative Filtering Decomposition based Early Dementia Diagnosis using EEG with Cognitive Tests”, IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering, 2020 (Accepted) (Impact Factor 3.8)
  2. M. H. Kolekar and S. Sengupta, “Bayesian Network Based Customized Highlight Generation for Broadcast Soccer Videos”, IEEE Transaction on Broadcasting, Vol 61(2), pp 195-209, 2015. (Impact factor 4.7)
  3. C K Jha, and M H. Kolekar, “Cardiac arrhythmia classification using tunable Q-wavelet transform based features and support vector machine classifier”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (Elsevier), 2020.  (Impact Factor 3)
  4. C. K. Jha and M H Kolekar, “Electrocardiogram data compression using DCT based discrete orthogonal Stockwell transform”, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control (Elsevier), vol 46, pp 174-181, 2018. (Impact factor 3)