First Bihar Science Conference, 2008: A Report

Prof. J. Thakur
Dr. Dolly Sinha and Dr. Santosh Kumar,
Patna, India

A three days national conference namely Bihar Science Conference was held from May 07 – 09, 2008, under the aegis of Bihar Brains Development society in which about 500 people participated from different parts of India and Abroad. Bihar Brains Development Society, popularly known as Bihar Brains is a non profit organization registered under society act with special focus on awareness building on education and creating environment for research and development in Bihar. The society came in existence in 2004. It is being run by NRI’s, NRB’s and educated people of Bihar.

The objective the conference was to bring together the experts from various fields to discuss and evolve suitable measures for high resolution outcome and to explain the collective efforts to achieve the favourable working environment for research and development in the state. The main theme of the conference was scientific innovation and entrepreneurship creations.

The conference was inaugurated by Hon’ble C. M., Bihar, Shri. Nitish Kumar at 11 A. M. sharp on May 7, 2008. The Chairman of B. Brains development Society, Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya introduced the theme of the conference and ideas behind it.
Prof. (Dr.) S. E. Hasnain, member of Scientific Advisory council of PM (SAC-PM) V. C. Hyderabad University gave keynote presentation on “Facets of Biotechnology and its effect on society”. In his around 40 minute’s speech, he exemplifies the use of DNA finger printing technology, research advances in Bioterrorism, Polio-virus, genetically modified food, gene technology revolution which has by and large affected society and its behavior. zx
Hon’ble CM Nitish kumar while inaugurating the conference said that “The scientific research should break the new ground particularly to enrich the quality of human life. “ He thanked organizers to organize such scientific events in state and hoped that this science congress will go a long way in creating scientific temperament among the youth, vital for nation's development“.
Building better atmosphere and for the development of infrastructure, it would be always better to have science congress every year for which the state government would assent to, Kumar said.
Technical Session: Day 2

Pre-lunch session was started with keynote presentation of Prof B.P.Singh, Advisor, Dept of Science and technology, Govt of India. He spoke on “Research in Animal Sciences: Role of Department of Science and technology”.
Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Ohio State University, Ohio, USA, delivered his lecture on Mitochondrial calcium independent phospholipase.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Jha, programme director international development, college of agricultural sciences, Colarado state university, USA made his keynote presentation on

Dr. R. K. Sinha, professor at Dept of the Zoology, Patna University gave his keynote lecture on “Challenges and hopes for the gangetic Dolphines: the flagship species of the gangetic systems.
(Dr. Rakesh Kumar, one of the participants of the conference presenting his lecture)

Poster Presentations:


Technical Session: Day 3
The third and the last day of the conference was started with the keynote presentation by Prof Rajmani Prasad Sinha, Prof of Physics, Patna University, Patna and former Vice chancellor of Mithila University on “Laser cooling”.
Dr. Himanshu Shekhar, Dy Director of HEMRL, DRDO, Pune gave his lucrative keynote speech on “Mechanical Characterization of solid rocket propellants”
Panel Discussion and meeting of the scientific council: Panel discussion was held The executive member of the discussion were Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman, BBrains Development Society, Prof Animesh Jha, Univ of leeds, UK, Dr. Dolly Sinha, Prof Jainendra Kumar, Dr. Jitendra Kumar, USA and Prof Raman Jha of Sikkim Manipal University, Sikkim.etc. (Detailed report has been given in Recommendations of the Panel discussion).
Valedictory Session:

The valedictory function was held on 09-05-08 between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. in which Hon’ble Minister of state. (Independent charge) Dept. of information technology, Dr. Anil Kumar graced the occasion with his valuable presence and his assurance on behalf of his Govt. for any type of support in such academic endeavors. He thanked all foreign and Indian participants for attending this conference.
Prof Rajmani Prasad Sinha stressed the need to work on empowering women for the best use of the technology and requested the society to establish University of Science and technology for womens. Prof J. Thakur thanked all participants for their patients during conference and said that management committed of conference will give attention on the suggestions given by participants and the guests in the next conference.
Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya announced the name of the first “Global Scientific Council” and winner of the poster presentation and oral presentation. He also announced that Second Bihar Science Conference will be hosted by Magadh University for which process will be started very soon.
Dr. Dolly sinha gave vote of thanks and thanked media persons, Participants, and sponsors (Bihar Foundation UK, Nalanda Open University, Bharti Bhawan, Magadh Mahila college, NRI members of the society) for their contribution in organizing conference. Some additional Pics of the conference:

Some additional Pics of the conference:

The benefit of this conference w.r.t. the society and the intelligentia of the state was the formation of a global core scientific council. Keeping in mind following aims and objectives. 1. To advance and promote the cause of science in Bihar.,
2. To hold annual conference at a suitable place in Bihar.
3. To hold seminars, workshops, orientation programmes as regular features.


Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya while introducing theme of the first Bihar Science Conference “Scientific Innovation and Enterprise creation” said that through this Bihar Science Conference, a collaborative conduit of local research in Bihar will be created with the national/international research institute to bring synergy for sharing interdisciplinary knowledge, fostering young creative researchers who work across different faculties, and entrepreneur education based on the integration of humanities and science.
(Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Prof S.E.Hasnain, Sri Nitish Kumar and Prof I. Ahson inaugurating the conference)
Prof S. N. Guha, Principal of Patna Science College Welcomed the guest and participants of the conference.
Prof J. Thakur, on behalf of the organizing committee gave vote of thanks to all participants for attending the conference and appreciated member of his organizing committee, and staff of BBrains Development Society who worked day and night for successful completion of this event.

Technical session: Day 1

Ten technical sessions (apart from inaugural session) were held during these three days conference in which four noted scientists from abroad graced the participants by delivering their keynote addresses in four different sessions.

Prof Animesh Jha, chair of Institute of Material Science Research at University of Leeds, UK gave his keynote speech on “Photonics: Harnessing light for sustainable society, environment and wealth creation.
Prof M. K. Mishra, Head of the department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai delivered his keynote on “Photodynamic control: A new perspectives.
Mr. Ashish Kumar of department of Bioinformatics, university of oxford, UK presented his keynote on “Applications of Bioinformatics in whole genome association studies”.

agricultural innovation and future of agricultural sustainability under global resource limitations.
Prof Jainendra Kumar presented his keynote on “Human Disease and their genetic basis.sf
Dr. B. K. Sharma, Head of the department of Electronics, National Institute of Technology, Patna gave his keynote presentation on Science & Technology in India- Before and After Independence.


Prof Raman Kumar Jha, head of the department of Physics, Sikkim Manipal University presented keynote speech on “quantum mechanics and computing: the future technology. zsd
A complete academic environment and exchange of ideas prevailed in the Dept. of Physics and Geology premises of P.U.

Certificates were distributed among the participants. Young scientist award for oral and poster presentation was the attraction of the valedictory function. Each young scientist awardees were handed over a cheque of Rs. 1000/- and a felicitation certificate too. Five young scientist awards were given for oral presentation (one from each subject) and four young scientist awards was given for poster presentation.

(Sri Vijay Sharan, Treasurer and PRO, BB Society getting appreciation for his work during conference from Prof N. K. Mishra)

(Sri Vikash Kashyap, Asst. Manager, BBSC getting appreciation for his work during conference from Prof N. K. Mishra

4. To publish proceedings, journals for popularizing science and scientific achievements. 5. Providing guidance to BB society to start and execute the scientific project and help/support at any stage of the execution of the project. 6. To form research groups and recommend society to help those groups for their research project from the global network of B Brains.
7. Providing guidance, support and consultancy to govt. and non govt. agencies.
This global core scientific council has been formed with an intention of providing a common platform to the scientist’s engineers and technologists of all categories belonging to different disciplines for sharing their expertise and experience.
The core scientific committee will comprise of 15 members from India in general and Bihar in particular. Each stream of science will have maximum three members. 120 more members preferably 2 from each stream from foreign countries will be a part of this committee. From India category Prof. Dolly Sinha will be the co-ordinator and Dr. Santosh Kumar will owe the responsibility of convener.
2nd Bihar Science conference has been decided to be organized in the P.G. Dept. of Biotechnology. College of commerce, M. U., from Jan 30- Feb 1, 2009.




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