Manthan 15

ss ISSN: 0974- 6331


Volume: 15

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Editorial From Editor’s Desk
dd 1. Classification of Ground water for irrigation use at Dhanbad Town area


Anshul Jain, SR Kumar, KDSR Prashant and J. Ravi Kiran,

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2.Identification of Stress Responsible Genomic Sequences using Back Propagation Neural Networks

Shashi Bhushan Lal and S.P Verma,

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3.Studies on the Solvent Effect of DMSO on the medicinal potential of Hexanoate Ester

Kiranmayee and R. T. Singh

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ss 4.Linear Oscillation of an inextensible cable connected satellites system
under the influence of air resistance, magnetic force and the shadow of
oblate earth due to solar pressure about the position of stable equilibrium
for small eccentricity in elliptic orbit near the parametric resonance n=½.


Uday Naryan Jha and Dr.Byas Sharma,

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